Youtube video

Things you need

Liquid crystal 2*16 lcd

Arduino UNO


Breadboard Wires

220ohm resistor

How to build

Let's Code

First we need to setup the lcd

we use |LiquidCrystal lcd(rs, en, d4, d5, d6, d7); | to set the lcd pins

| lcd.begin(cols, rows) | specifies the dimensions (width and height) of the display. begin() needs to be called before any other LCD library commands.

| lcd.write(data) or lcd.print(data) | write something on LCD

| lcd.scrollDisplayLeft() | Scrolls the contents of the lcd to the left.

| lcd.scrollDisplayRight() | Scrolls the contents of the lcd to the Right. 

| lcd.setCursor(col, row) | to set the position of the writer

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