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Things you need


lcd 2*16


some cables

First of all connect the Arduino to your pc and upload the code


So first we need to set up the LCD and you can set it up with 

LiquidCrystal lcd(7,8,9,10,11,12);

This command will set up the LCD pins means ow

d7(pin 12) ,d6(pin 11), d5(pin 10) , d4(pin 9) , d3’d2’d1’d0 (connects to noting) ,E(pin 8),Rw(ground),Rs(pin 7)

after that we need to set up serial Serial.begin(x); x is the baud rate the smoothest is 9600 ill use that

the last thing to set up is x and y of the LCD lcd.begin(x,y); my LCD x is 16 and its y is 2 (This is different in some lcds)

and lcd.blink(); is just a cool animation 

after that in the void loop, we see 2 if 

in the first one if only we sent something via serial port it will go inside if and do other commands

inside the if we have some commands; to get data from serial monitor

Serial.print(data); to send something to the serial monitor

lcd.print(data); prints the data on LCD 

lcd.clear(); it clears the LCD

lcd.setCursor(x,y); setting the position that you want to print your data

Now connect lets connect it just like this

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