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How to turn the motor left and right wit...

Youtube Video Things you need 1.Ardino UNO  2.BreadBourd  3.BreadBourd Wire  4.5V relay  5.DC motor CODING Hey  it’s just a simple code with just turn pin 2 on then after 3 seconds turn’s it off and at last also we do the same thing for pin 3 that’s all simple and easy How to build […]

How to create a digital Thermometer

YouTube video Things you need Coding Heyso first in the code, we need some ‘int” and “float” to save the number’s somewhere Then we need to set the LCD pins which we have done with “LiquidCrystal lcd (rs , en , d4 , d4 , d5 ,d6 , d7); ” After that, we also […]

how to create a Digital ruler (fast)

YouTube video You also You need these items Arduino UNO Breadboard wire Ultrasonic Distance Sensor – HC-SR04 Breadboard How ultrasonic module works Basically, this module sends a 40000Hz ultrasonic sound then when the sound hits an object it will come back like the image after that the ultrasonic microphone will hear it and the […]

How to print something on LCD with seria...

Youtube video Things you need Ardino liquidcrystallcd 2*16 breadboard some cables First of all connect the Arduino to your pc and upload the code Coding So first we need to set up the LCD and you can set it up with  LiquidCrystal lcd(7,8,9,10,11,12); This command will set up the LCD pins means ow d7(pin […]